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Meet Founder and CEO

Lady Farley

 My name is Lady Farley and hopefully, you've come here to (re)discover the joy and efficiency of Community.  Nice to meet you and Welcome!  Here at the FPINETWORK, we firmly believe in women’s empowerment. We understand the urgency for programs that support advancement through education, basic mental and palpable healthcare, positive exposure, and financial literacy (to list the basics). It's why we've underwritten 10 viable programs that can create long-term impact and sustainable change.”

We must face reality; The United States has a problem with wealth and racial inequality.  Now is the time for Community.  Community breeds Unity. 

I and members of my Network are available for Community conversations that exemplify Full Transparency and Responsibility for Inclusion and Visibility. Once we begin engaging in much-needed conversations; we can organically weave our Communities into Healthy Homes and Cities.

As a Social Entrepreneur, I'm obligated to the reinforcement of First Gratitude, then and foremost Self, Family, and Community.  

If you are looking to be the change in this world that you'd like to see, then your next step is to join our FPINETWORK of extraordinary women of color changing the way the world interfaces with our communities by giving voice and action to power.  We have a mission to empower every bankrupt human soul with the knowledge that their life is necessary, created with a purpose with the hope of living up to their full potential.   

Be Blessed - Always,

Lady Farley-Draven




Join the FPINetwork in our first fundraiser for 2023. These ongoing fundraiser sponsors, our nonprofit, the #100WomenStrongMovement as we build a Financial Legacy Pipeline for the next generation of Black Women Leaders. Advancing an equitable and just future for our Black Queens.

So if Supporting Black Women is what you do: click the donate button to sponsor a woman get business licensing$FPILadyFarley

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