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Systematic Inequality

And Structural Racism 

Wealth is the Global Measure of an individual’s or family’s financial net worth.  Wealth affords a person peace of mind. It makes life easier for people to make life decisions without pressure or fear. Financial Wealth affords job networking, Business Ownership, safer neighborhoods, have a quality of life in times of emergency situations, It allows for education and enables workers to build economic sustainability in retirement. Importantly, it is the most complete measure of a family’s future economic well-being. 


Solid Solutions for Personal and Commonwealth Efficacy

Latest News

You should join us every other Monday for Motivational Mondays!  Live on Zoom speaking about Current Events, Cooking Classes, Real-Talk Round-table, Business Strategies and Collabs, Spiritual Support, and of course Support for Shopping Small businesses!

The New Classroom

The Pandemic forces us to Address the  way we continue to Educate our Youth.  Lady Farley  feel that we must also address the Global  African American Achievement Gap due to years of  Societal and Systemic Oppression and Racism.  The FPI Network of Educators and Professionals are leaping into to Action - Sharing  the Real Life Story of their Careers and Journey to Entrepreneurship.  

Coffee Chat to Faith UP

Sometimes all we need is a hot cup of coffee and a girlfriend to chat it up with. Join Women who are like minded as well as experiencing the same type of fatigue in the pursuit of Purpose;​ and are walking by Faith.

The Brunch Chef

At Farley Productions, Inc. we understand how this Pandemic has forced so many Americans into Debt. And we are understanding more and more how globally speaking the level of poverty is rising due to failing Small Businesses. In our efforts to Support our Local  Chefs you can hire our  Chefs for your Corporate and Private Events.  


Financial Literacy

Anti Bully-Suicide Campaign

Pop Up Shop Instillations

Bi Monthly Brown Girls do Brunch

Motivational Conversations for Graduates

PTA Accelerator

Drop us a line if your School needs an urgent Custom Fundraiser. All of our PTA Workshops and Installations are Free.

“God Bless the Child that got its Own.” Billie Holliday

Sign up for our 3 Week Comprehensive Workshop to introduce entrepreneurship and  Economical Development Skills to youth 9 - 13 years old.

Workshops to encourage divergent thinking: Through informal discussions, ask open-ended questions, problem-solving, idea sharing and build on learning experiences. We work with Teachers and Parents to encourage research and skill development. As children; we encourage Workshops that require taking notice of things in their daily lives that need Systemic Rectification;  asking how would they solve the issue.

Our Community  Our Voices

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